+ 10.000

products developed

+ 40

years in the business

In the 1960s, Alberto Menon, following a period in Milan gaining experience in a company producing components for offshore systems, during which time he honed his machining techniques, opened his own artisan workshop in the Italian province of Verona, and rapidly acquired customers, such as Momo, a manufacturer of steering wheels for sports cars.

In the space of a few years, the business grew and the founder, Alberto opened a new headquarters, expanding the team and expertise, implementing cutting-edge technology and bringing his daughter, Stefania and son, Fabio, on board.

Menon srl, with two offices in the province of Verona, is now managed by Stefania Menon and Fabio Menon who are respectively in charge of the commercial and technical management of the company.

Through constant investments in high tech and research and development, the company’s expertise and skills have been strengthened over time, allowing it to establish itself as a trustworthy partner for leading companies operating in a variety of sectors.

We develop innovative solutions in the field of precision mechanics with the aim of improving our ability to meet the needs of companies operating in high-tech sectors

The values that guide us are precision, transparency, confidentiality, enhancement of human resources, constant improvement and a risk-based thinking approach.