Our range of machinery consists of three-, four- and five-axis lathes and machining centres; cutting-edge CNC machinery which allows us to manufacture series of small-medium numbers, with the possibility of producing prototypes and initial series.

We have acquired extensive machining expertise on raw materials, such as aluminium, construction and stainless steel, titanium, medical grade plastic and carbon. The type of machining work most commonly requested by our customers is:

We perform three-, four- and five-axis milling operations, high pressure hole drilling, threading and boring.

We perform bar and secondary turning operations with spindle, counter spindle, tailstock and y axis.

We perform in-house surface treatments, such as polishing, brightening, satin finishing and fiber laser finishing.

The surface treatments are performed by qualified suppliers, especially anodising, tempering, sandblasting, passivation and electropolishing.

We use fiber and diode lasers to engrave and mark various types of materials, such as aluminium, steel, titanium, plastic and all treated materials.