July 2021

Technological innovation: our new metrological room

Our metrological room has been recently renewed with the purchase of two new coordinate and multisensor measuring machines, equipped with 4.0 technology.


In order to increase the productivity and offer to our customers a better level of service, we have decided to include two new Hexagon measuring machines in our metrological room. The machines are in line with the most current technological standards and in a 4.0 perspective.


We present our new machines below:


Hexagon Optiv Performance 443 - a versatile multisensor measuring machineuna, equipped with a modular system that offers a wide range of customization of sensors, controllers, PC and software. It’s ideal for many applications and can perform various measurement procedures with different levels of complexity.


Hexagon Global Lite - a coordinate measuring machine that uses a range of innovative technologies to ensure the highest level of efficiency, speed and precision.  For a certified quality and a minimization of human errors.


We have decided to invest in the purchase of new measuring machines to increase the level of service, precision and quality towards our customers, in particular higher speed and adaptability to specific requests, maximum precision and a more in-depth analysis and reporting capacity.


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